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Active and Adventure Shorex

In 2019 we reorganized our shore excursion portfolio into five main categories and 22 subcategories. Check out the types of ‘Active and Adventure’ experiences available via this short video (SOUND ON!). Additionally, read about some of our favorite ‘Active and Adventure’ experiences ( which involve guests participating in land, air and water activities) handpicked based on the four subcategories - Alternative Transport, In-the-Air, Great Outdoors and Water Activities.

Alternative Transport (Moving around using local public transport or more unique options, such as tuk-tuks, side-cars or bicycles): 'Local Saigon by Vespa' – Jump on the back of a scooter as your local guide drives you through the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, exploring the French Quarter and tourist hotspots, as well as some of the more local treasures. For more information contact Errol Chicano

In-the-Air (Flying high or traveling via cable-suspended vehicles): 'NYC Helicopter' - Hop aboard your door-less helicopter and let your heart race as you experience the most amazing, breathtaking views of NYC, with your camera ready to capture downtown landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, the Freedom Tower and NYC’s Financial District. For more information contact Simon O'Sullivan.

Trek along a cliff-face in Belfast, journey through Saigon on a Vespa, fly high above the Manhattan skyline and kayak along the coast of Bandol

Great Outdoors (Spending time in the natural setting of a destination): 'Gobbins Coastal Path' – Trek along the “most dramatic walk in Europe”, a narrow cliff-face path with hidden tunnels, underground caves and bridges dangling over the Irish Sea as powerful waves crash below. Learn about the path’s history and hear tales of local smugglers, as you look out for native wildlife, including puffins and dolphins. For more information contact Ben Hick

Water Activities (Taking part in activities on or submerged in water - swimming pool, sea/ocean, lake, river, waterfall): 'Kayaking Bandol' - Glide across the water by one of the oldest French seaside resorts, nestled between hills covered with pines and mulberry trees, as you kayak along its beautiful natural coastline and around “Ile de Bendor” the island facing Bandol. For more information contact Amaury de Williencourt

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