History and Culture Shorex - Beekeeping and a Private Island

History and Culture

Our 'History and Culture' shorex category encompasses Culinary, Cultural, Flora and Fauna, Historical, Seasonal Events and VIP Access experiences. Have a look at this 30-second video for a better idea and read a few quick descriptions below from some of our favorite 'History and Culture' experiences. 

Culinary (Discovering and/or sampling the local gastronomy and produce): ‘Beekeeper for a Day’ - Bring your family to learn the secrets of apiculture (beekeeping), one of the oldest forms of food production. Watch specialists in Cadiz, Spain, as they collect honey from 2,000+ colonies of bees covering the hills in the region and then sample some of what was collected, before enjoying healthy refreshments at a local eco-farm. Finally, join in the family fun as you bottle your own jar of honey. For more information contact Deborah Vega

Cultural (Learning about a destination’s arts and traditions): 'Sydney Harbor Cultural Immersions' – Set sail aboard the Mari Nawi around the spectacular Sydney Harbour (Australia) under the instruction of your traditional indigenous host, learning all about Aboriginal culture, including a visit to a National Park island to watch a 'Welcome to Country' smoking ceremony and cultural performance, as well as taste some local cuisine, all while enjoying the company of your Aboriginal hosts. For more information contact James Coughlan.

Flora and Fauna (Exploring the local plant and animal life): ‘Air Boat Ride & Nature Walk’ - Journey to the Everglades (Florida, USA), a unique natural ecosystem, to join a naturalist that will guide you on an exciting walk to see alligators and and other wildlife up close, before embarking on a small air-boat ride to explore the vast Native area, including a stop at tree island villages for some local cuisine prepared by the native people. For more information contact Simon O’Sullivan.

Historical (Finding out about a destination’s past): ‘Playing Rome’s History’ - Discover the secrets of Rome (Italy) as you follow clues on a treasure hunt through Navona Square and Campo Marzio, The Fountain of the Rivers, the Pantheon, Piazza della Minerva and the Churches of Sant'Agnese and San Luigi dei Francesi, with the masterpieces of Caravaggio. For more information contact Eleonora Prata.

Seasonal Events (Experiencing local or international events that only take place during certain times of the year): '‘Limassol Wine Festival’ - Sample delicious wine, savor wonderful food, sing, dance and witness the traditional pressing of the grapes at this festival, considered a revival of celebrations of the ancient god Dionysus. Every September, the wine producers of Cyprus demonstrate the fruits of their labor - don’t miss it! For more information contact Andros Kittiris.

VIP Access (Visiting venues exclusively, at times not usually open to the public, or accessing restricted areas): 'Kalangaman Island Day' – Stroll along the sand bar, snorkel in the turquoise water, jet-ski across the waves, or relax on a cabana on one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, with exclusive access limited to the ship’s guests. For more information contact Errol Chicano

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