Industry Award for Intercruises Shorex Categories

Cruise Insight Award

Although not celebrated at the time (you can guess why), in March 2020, Intercruises won a Cruise Insight Award, an industry accolade awarded by a panel of cruise experts on behalf of Cruise Insight Magazine, one of the cruise industry’s leading publications. 

Intercruises won the award in the area of Shore Excursion Enhancement and Operating Procedures for its Shorex Categories initiative. There are five main shorex categories and 22 subcategories – check out this very short video overview:

Development & Implementation 

More than 20 different Intercruises product experts, managing shore excursions in over 50 countries, were involved in defining the categories, based on current and future tourism trends. Additional insights were provided by central business functions, such as Sustainability. Once defined, a full process on how to identify a shore excursion’s category was developed and included in an eLearning course, further supported by a full brand pack that included key definitions, icons and a presentation template. 

Furthermore, to help communicate the different categories, a simple one-page poster was developed, as well as a long and short videos. After the launch (and up until March 2020 - you know why), Intercruises started promoting the five main shorex categories through some dynamic videos - click on these links to view the videos and read about some real shorex examples for the Active & Adventure and History & Culture categories. 

Thank to the Cruise Insight team and the panel of judges for the award! (Check out all the award winners on P82 of the Q1 issue of Cruise Insight)

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