Partnership renewed with Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships Training

We are delighted to announce that Intercruises has renewed its partnership with Mercy Ships, a global charity operating the Africa Mercy, the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world. 

Training and mentoring is the continued focus of Intercruises' support, with the Mercy Ships Training and Capacity Building initiative advancing local medical infrastructure by improving the quality of healthcare services. From technical skills training, to improving working conditions, this initiative provides knowledge, tools and resources to enable local communities to deliver better healthcare on a permanent basis. 

Home to over 400 volunteers from 40+ different countries, the Mercy Ships hospital vessel, the Africa Mercy, currently spends up to ten months a year docked in a location where some medical services are either inaccessible or simply non-existent. Since its inception in 1978, Mercy Ships has provided free healthcare and life-saving procedures valued at over $1.5bn, treating more than 2.71 million direct beneficiaries and has sailed to more than 70 countries. In 2019, the Africa Mercy was based in both Guinea and Senegal, serving thousands of people with little, or no access to healthcare. The Mercy Ships volunteer crew and partners provided 1,819 free life changing surgeries, as well as training for 1,227 local healthcare professionals, 150 of which worked side by side with Mercy Ships’ medical teams as part of an in-depth mentoring programs. During 2020, Africa Mercy will be spending time in Senegal and Liberia. 

For more information and to find out how you can get involved, visit the Mercy Ships website.