Wheelchairs and scooters

Our team, working in collaboration with cruise lines and port authorities, fully manages wheelchair and scooter rental services in all USA homeports



Our wheelchair and scooter rental services are available in collaboration with both the cruise lines and port authorities

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Collaboration - We work with cruise lines and port authorities to enable the most efficient and beneficial implementation of our wheelchair and scooter rental services, ensuring a positive experience for guests

Setup - Our central wheelchair and scooter rental team oversees the roll out of the service at each port, including all administration and the equipment purchase and maintenance

Locations - Already available and successfully operating in all USA homeports, with locations in Europe, Asia and Australia in progress


We manage the entire program, including equipment, storage, staffing, training, collections & returns, and the payment process, ensuring adherence to all regulations

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Equipment - We manage all wheelchairs and scooters, with a collection of market leading manual and motorized models that are comfortable and compact

Staff - Our employees are trained specifically for this role, understanding the sensitive nature and regulations related to limited mobility vehicles

Regulations - Accurate reporting and full transparency on costs and revenue, with processes adhering to all local and national retail, payment (credit/debit card only) and tax regulations

Smooth experience

Our wheelchairs and scooters can be rented on the day, without prior reservation, and are guaranteed to comfortably fit in all vessel staterooms and hallways

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Embark & Disembark - Guests can collect and return their wheelchair or scooter in the terminal, enabling them to use it to embark and disembark the ship throughout their cruise

No reservation necessary - Guests can rent wheelchairs and scooters on the day without any prior reservation, with the option of one-way rentals for certain itineraries

Made to Measure - Our wheelchairs and scooters are compact and foldable, suitable for storing in staterooms of all sizes and comfortably fitting through doorways and down hallways